"and the city" - painting by Maxim Grunin

and the city, 24"X24", oil on canvas, 2009 (sold)

It is a brand new day in the city and you are here, somewhere, with me... I live in Toronto, Canada. My reality unfolds in this modern city where technology and people are intertwined. Influenced by the immediate environment I tend to bring it's elements into my work. The image, the paint and the graffiti become combined in my painting in order to satisfy my search for the visual language reflective of the human condition. "and the city" is romantic, hopeful and poetic.


Sunflowers painting on sale - www.eBay.com

Flowers Of The Sun, 24"X30", acrylic on canvas, 2009
Sunflowers have a history of inspiration for the artists. Vincent Van Gogh among many painted them more then once. These flowers a strong and beautiful. Their shape and colors resemble the Sun. I used palette knife for the most part, to create this decorative piece. This painting's colors are quite vivid and it has a heavy texture of thick, overlapping strokes of acrylic paint. "Flowers Of The Sun" is a high quality painting perfect for interior decorating. It is on sale at great price on www.ebay.com eBay. Please contact me with questions and I will be happy to assist you.


self portrait painting and video monolog by Maxim Grunin

I often examine the self. What are my motives, how do I make my choices, what do I feel? It is important to me to try and understand what I am. This low resolution video is an attempt to say what's been on my mind...


Beautiful contemporary painting

thinking you, 30X30, acrylic on canvas, 2009 (sold)

This work started as a small collage where I used bits ripped out of fashion magazines glued onto a piece of paper painted over with broad strokes of acrylic paint. Marker drawing was added at the end when paint was dry. I wanted to combine magazine images, that attracted me, together to create a narrative. "thinking you" is approached as a collage, where the realistic elements are painted before the broad abstract surfaces and the thin black drawn lines. "thinking you" may illustrate a state of a person's mind while being on the road. The image is well composed within a square and contributes to pleasurable viewing experience. It is also rich in surface and ambiguous as a combination of symbols.